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Hi!  My name is Dash and this website was named after me.  Well, actually it was named after my nickname, but that still counts right?  I'm not sure why they call me Doodle, but it turns out it's a perfect name for a website that sells pens.  I mean who doesn't like to doodle, right?

Oh!  I almost forgot.  That picture in the upper right-hand corner isn't really me.  I mean it kinda looks like me, but I personally think I'm MUCH cuter in real life.  If you want to see real pictures of me, some even hard at work, just click on the Gallery tab.  You can see pictures of some of our sold pens there too.

Anyway, we are so glad you decided to check out our website.  We work hard to make beautiful and creative pens.  Each one is crafted with care.  I know because I get to hang out in the shop while each one is made.  These pens are great for graduation gifts, Bosses Day, Father's Day, and just about every other day I can think of.

We hope you enjoy our site.  Please come back often to see what's new with me and of course what new pens we have created.  If you don't see what you're looking for, just click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page and we'll make it for you.  Pretty neat, right?

See you again soon,


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Doodles Handmade Pens can also been seen in person at:

my favorite Party Shoppe
417 Burlington
Holdrege, NE  68949
(308) 995-6800

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